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Stacey "The Creative Coach"

What is a Creative Coach and why would I need one?

Creative Coaches are creative visionaries who help others develop their creative skills. We often have a gift to see creative potential and identify creative needs.  Once identified, we help others plan and develop strategies for execution and improvement. 

My job as your Creative Coach is to PUSH, CHALLENGE and MOTIVATE you to WIN in the creative areas of your business, career, project or event.  Think of me as the pep-talk needed to score the goal, win the game and get it done...CREATIVELY! 

Businesses, organizations, agencies and individuals may consider using our creative coaching and consulting services when they need to identify a creative need, explore creative ideas, carve out a creative path, and even when they have reached a creative stumbling block.

Creative Coaching and Consulting Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Creative Mind Mapping/Ideas
  • Creative Direction
  • Creative Branding/Marketing
  • Creative Planning & Strategy 
  • Creative Writing & Editing 


*Contact us for pricing.