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Community Outreach


Our company is proud to support the Baltimore Youth Arts (BYA) program. Baltimore Youth Arts is a creative entrepreneurship and job training program that provides artistic and professional opportunities to young people, ages 14-22, with a focus on those involved in the justice system. 

Their mission is to assist young people in gaining the creative, personal, and educational skills that will enable them to become leaders in their communities.

BYA believes the arts are a path towards personal liberation and self sufficiency and that they not only positively impact people facing incarceration, but also the justice system and perceptions held by the greater community.

BYA uses the arts to engage youth with the goal of building long-lasting, mentoring relationships. They provide artistic, entrepreneurial, and leadership opportunities to young people so that they can hone their talents and use them to shape the world.

Help us raise funding for this program by contributing directly to BYA by clicking or through their link below.

Please visit for more information.